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Q How do I rent ?

A. Choose your membership plan. Browse through our Books, Toys, Games and Puzzles
Catalogue or visit the store and select the items you wish to rent as per your membership
plan. You can order them online or visit the store and collect them.

Q How are the books and toys delivered to me?Any delivery charges?

A. You can visit the store, select the items you wish to rent and pick them. We are located in
the heart of Dwarka in Sector 5 Market near ICICI Bank on the Ground Floor. We also have
home delivery services in Dwarka only.

Q. Can I gift Books and Beyond Library plans to my niece/ nephew/ grandchildren/ others?

A. Books and Beyond Library offer gift voucher for different occasions. Call us at
9311252352 or mail us at for more details.

Q. My grandchild is coming to visit; can I rent toys for short period?

A. Yes. Call Books and Beyond Library and we will glad to help.

Q. What if a toy breaks or parts of a toy are lost ?

A. Books and Beyond Library keeps only branded, durable & toys with less number of parts
that is difficult to damage. However in case the toy is broken or any part is lost then Books
and Beyond Library tries to replace the broken/lost parts and charge the replacement parts
only. In case we are not able to replace the parts, the cost of the toy would have to be borne
by the member.

Q. How long can I keep toy/books?

A. In all the membership plans you are allowed 3 exchanges in a month. So by default
toys/books are rented for an average period of 10 days and maximum of 1 month or more
depending upon the duration of plan you choose. You can plan your exchange duration
upon your convenience of exchange.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. At the moment we accept only cash. Online Payment option would be coming soon.

Q. Is there a deposit, if so, how much is it?

A. Yes. The Security Deposit is completely refundable. The deposit amount depends on the
kind of plan you select. See the details on membership Plans.

Q. Do you clean and sanitize your toys?

A. Books and Beyond Library gives utmost care to your child safety. We ensure toys safety in
every possible ways. We clean and sanitize and toys after each use. Books and Beyond
Library keeps only branded toys like Fisher-price, Funskool, Playshool, Vtech, Okplay etc,
and the brands that ensure safe toys.

Q. Do you have toys for party occasions as well?

A. Yes we do have lots of options for renting toys for party occasions like birthdays etc. Call
Books and Beyond Library and we will glad to help.

Q How soon I can expect to get my deposit money back, in case I decide to discontinue my association with Books and Beyond Library?

A. Immediately on return of all the items and checking for pending charges if any.

Q. How do I request for toys and books that are not there in your collection?

In case a toy or a book that you want is not in our collection you can recommend it to us by
sending a mail to or by calling our helpline. We will try our best to
add your recommendation to our collection.

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